Sound Effects Speech Therapy

The emerging use of telemedicine offers a lot of convenience while pursuing one’s coaching or therapy goals!


At Sound Effects Speech Therapy, LLC, you have the option of receiving speech coaching or therapy sessions conducted via secure, encrypted web telecommunication technology. This both protects your privacy and allows you to participate at your convenience. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and the appropriate video and audio equipment, which are often standard in today’s computers, tablets or phones. We’re here to guide you through that.


Telepractice (also known as tele health or telemedicine) is emerging as a great and sometimes preferred method to access consultations with many types of service professionals.


Telepractice is great because it:

gives both provider and client greater flexibility with scheduling and the geographic range they can access

provides a very natural format for speech- or language-driven tasks (more than a shared office session over a workbook, for example). We have to actually communicate to drive these sessions!

limits the client’s need to travel or arrange transportation to sessions

eliminates wasted “waiting room” time


What equipment do I need?

High-speed internet connection

External camera and microphone (if your device does not have these built-in, they can easily be purchased at an electronics store such as Best Buy, or online. Confirm with us before you buy in case of any questions!)

We will assess any need to adjust your equipment on an ongoing basis.

iPads and iPhones can suffice.

If the client needs assistance, a capable caregiver (familiar with how to enter the video conference session) must be available during the entire session.


How does telepractice work?

In the U.S., speech-language pathologists may work with clients in states where they are licensed (other limitations may apply, especially if health insurance is involved). We are currently licensed for New York, New Jersey and California.

Outside the U.S., certain countries allow SLPs to work with clients without extra certification. Please send an inquiry about availability if you live outside the U.S., and we will happily confirm.

Some types of insurance may not cover telepractice sessions, but more and more are including it. Check with your insurer if you are not certain. (Cosmetic issues like accent modification are not covered by health insurance).

Sessions are at least 30 minutes long.

You will be provided a link to your online session.

Depending on your type of session (whether insurance will be billed), payment may be expected at the end of your session. More information about payment is available under the Forms tab.

If you are working on accent modification and work in a specific industry, it is helpful to have either some online texts we can both reference, or a list of prepared terms you can email me beforehand. While we will work on universal principles of pronunciation, we are going to work together on language that is most meaningful to your work or social needs whenever possible.